Working the Tough Night Shift

There are many modern couples who have found that surviving on one income alone is not enough, so both of them work outside the home. It would be ideal if both of them had jobs with the same hours, but this is often not how it works out. One person will usually have a traditional job where they work during the day, and they will have the weekend off. If they have children at home, the other person might work the night shift to keep child care costs low. It seems like the ideal way to earn without losing an entire pay check to the expense of sitters, but it can become an isolating experience for the partner who is working the night shift.

Alone All Day

For the person who works a traditional job, there is generally an opportunity to visit with family and friends in the evening. They might even have arrangements to get out of the house on a particular night, and they could bring their children with them for play dates. It can work out well for them, but it is not necessarily as easy for the spouse who works in the evenings. They might be alone all day at home, and they could fall into the rut of minding the children, doing the errands, and cleaning the house without any socialising.

Working Weekends

Many forms of employment in the evenings require workers to be available on weekends, so their opportunity for normal socialisation can be even more limited. They might have a friend or family member available, but the range of social contacts can be disturbingly few. For them, an evening out is an event that seldom occurs. If they are unable to find a regular sitter, they will have even less opportunity to spend quality time with other adults. It can lead them into a downward spiral of depression, and it can further limit their ability to find opportunities for normal socialisation.

Unique Solution

People have always been very inventive when they are pursuing important goals, and those who work in the evenings and weekends can find ways to have friends and a social life of their own. Some of them will trade off with friends and neighbours on babysitting a group of children, and others will form a group of associations with those in the same circumstances. For people who do not have these choices, VIP, a dating agency can at least provide them with a unique solution for booking fun dates who can spend some quality adult time with them. They do not function as sitters for children, but even an hour with a suitable lady can help dispel the feelings of isolation.

Socialising for partners can be difficult when they work two different shifts, but the person who works nights generally has a larger challenge. Finding friends and family who are available during their home hours is often difficult, and they might experience depression. If they experience isolation, finding unique solutions could be the best way for them to spend some quality time with other adults. For those who have friends in similar situations, combining their children and time could offer them a way to socialise.